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I grew up on a small homestead in Vermont where we would raise and grow most of the food that was on the table every day. Both of my parents would spend time cooking from our own harvests and it has always been something I am very grateful to have been brought up around.

I loved baking and cooking with my parents and spending my time experimenting with new recipes. In the 6th grade, I changed my dream of becoming an art teacher and decided that baking was my destiny. From that point on I made it my goal to attend college and become the owner of my very own bakery.


In 2018, I graduated from The University of Akron with degrees in Business: Marketing Management as well as Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management. Through my education I felt as though I hadn't received the kind of knowledge I wanted or needed for my future. This is when I ventured out on my own (with the help of my wonderful mother) and found myself at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie (ENSP), an Alain Ducasse school in Yssingeaux, France, for a two-month French pastry program. This was easily the best experience of my life, and reinforced my dreams of becoming a baker/patissier.


Since then, I have worked for some amazing people, but that goal I set for myself in the 6th grade has always been there, unfulfilled. Jubees' Bakery is my first step, or leap, into finally making that dream come true.

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